Did you know there are Millions of Dollars in Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants and Awards available for those transferring, returning or entering a College and University program?

Many institutions and companies across Canada right now are offering the funding, and the academic and financial support you need to start your new career or to further your education.

What is scholarship-grants.org?

A simple online tool created to help you find easily the financial aid you need for your University and College Education. We created this website to make your search for scholarship, bursary and grant opportunities faster and easier.

What we did?

To make it much simpler for you, we took a step further and compiled detailed and important information from 100’s of companies, universities and colleges across Canada that are offering scholarships, bursaries, grants and awards to those Students enrolling in College or University.

In other words, now you don’t need to provide your personal information or log in to a site to quickly find the opportunities that best match your level of education, talents, background and location.

What you will find in this site

  • 100’s of scholarships, bursaries, awards opportunities
  • scholarships to new Canadians, protected persons and landed immigrants
  • scholarships to students with learning or with physical disabilities
  • Private, corporate donor scholarships and awards
  • Federal, Provincial financial assistance programs

How to Use this Site?

All scholarship programs, bursaries, grants and awards have been listed by provinces. Some provinces have them also listed by major universities. You’ll find the program’s name, criteria, value (admission averages in brackets) and how to contact (website) the institution offering that specific program.

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